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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Endometriosis and Depression

For reasons both physiological and psychological, depression can be a very real part of coping with Endometriosis. Those of you who feel alone in this, don't! You are among a great many who suffer silently as I did for years and years. Whether you are embarrassed or angry with yourself for not being able to 'snap out of it," don't despair. Depression can have it's hold on you so tightly and it's not your fault!
The definition of depression is, "a state of despondency characterized by feelings of inadequacy, lowered activity and pessimism about the future, and extreme state of unresponsiveness to stimuli, together with self-deprecation, delusions of inadequacy and hopelessness". Sadly, this definition implies a defect of character or weakness because you are suffering. Nothing is further from the truth.
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