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Friday, January 12, 2007

Washington Post Examines Ethical Issues Of Company That Allows Parents To Select Embryo Characteristics

The Washington Post on Saturday examined the ethical issues of San Antonio, Texas-based Abraham Center of Life, which creates embryos and allows parents to select embryos after reviewing donor characteristics, such as race, education, appearance and personality. According to Post, the company enrolls egg donors who are in their 20s and have some college education and sperm donors who have advanced education. Abraham Center founder Jennalee Ryan said all donors undergo health tests and screenings to determine background and family history of mental illness, as well as answer questionnaires about their childhood temperaments, favorite books, adult hobbies and family histories. "If I do discriminate [among donors], it's that I only want healthy, intelligent people," Ryan said. According to the Post, some fertility experts and bioethicists have called the company's process a "disturbing step toward commercialization of human reproduction and 'designer babies.'"

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