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Monday, May 07, 2007

Berrin inspires Gulliver

Gulliver second baseman Valerie Berrin recently made one of her team's most important plays of the season.
Berrin robbed American Heritage's Tiffany DeFelice of a game-tying hit in a 1-0 Gulliver win two weeks ago. It was the Raiders' biggest win of the postseason so far.
For Berrin, playing in the game was a victory.
Since she was 7, Berrin has suffered from endometriosis, a rare condition in which the lining tissue of the uterus is found in other pelvic organs.
The main symptom of the disease, which is the most common cause of infertility for women, is severe abdominal pain during menstruation. The only treatment is surgery to clear the tissue buildup.
Berrin has had seven surgeries, including five during high school.
The surgeries leave Berrin weakened and unable to play softball for weeks. It forced her to miss her entire junior season and parts of her freshman and sophomore seasons.
''When it started, I remember thinking maybe there was something wrong with my stomach,'' Berrin said. ``I had all the tests you can think of done to me, and they didn't find anything.''
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