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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Combating endometriosis

A new surgical procedure offers hope and promise
Vasudha Rai

Ashwini K. Trehan, consultant gynaecological surgeon at Spire Elland Hospital and Dewsbury and District Hospital, UK, is giving many with endometriosis a reason to smile.

While pelvic peritoneal excision surgery (basic laparoscopy where parts affected with endometriosis are removed) is effective, it has a 50% recurrence rate and may result in the removal of ovaries. Dr Trehan’s technique is called total pelvic peritoneal excision, where the entire pelvic lining is removed to prevent recurrence.

In a study conducted by Dr Trehan and F. Sanaullah, post-CCT clinical fellow in minimal access surgery, and C. Rooke, clinical audit facilitator, at Dewsbury and District Hospital in 2008, it was found that the new surgery improved the symptoms of endometriosis in 89.6% of women.

The circumstances in which removing the entire pelvic lining may not work is when the disease has spread into the uterus or in spots where endometriosis has reached very deep into the organs.

Dr Trehan says ovarian removal is the main reason for early death in women because it increases the risk of cancer, heart disease and acute menopause.

For more information, visit www.endometriosis-consultant.co.uk

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