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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Karen Stewards tries to shut down adhesion web site!

Karen Steward's attempt to shut down ARD web sites FAILS again!

Year after year Karen Steward "stews" and "obsesses" over ARD web sites that provide beneficial information to persons afflicted with Adhesion Related Disorder.
Her problem? These web sites make it hard for Karen and her cohort, Con Doc. Daniel Kruschinski to profit on the pain of those who are afflicted with ARD!

No ifs, ands or buts about it, in our opinion and experience, this is the reason behind her "attacks"on ARD web sites!

For years Karen has attempted to capitalize on ARD victims with items for sale, and soliciting the sale of a book she wrote about Con Doc Kruschinski, of Germany! Karen paid to have this book published, and it bombed right off the press losing her money spent on it!

Since then Karen seeks any means necessary to recoup her losses, and YES, she will take advantage of vulnerable victims of ARD and have no problem making them victims of her greed as well!

   "Steward ARD Merchandise being sold in India by Doc Kru!

Karen has been saying for years that "she, and Doc Kru" were going to shut down the following web site http://www.adhesionrelateddisorder.com/" & "http://www.ihrt.com,/" among other ARD web sites. To date, they have not been successful!

The reasons they have always bombed was that the alleged complaints by them were always found to be invalid!  For the past 10 years Karen and Kru have banded together in their attempts to corner the market on ARD, be it ARD web sites or those afflicted with ARD, in their attempts to cash in on  ARD!

You will see here in this post in an ARD web site that the web site one of Karen's "competition" is scratched out! Not to proffesional, but hey, neither is Karen or Kru in our opinion!

The good news in Karen Steward making all these petty contacts as seen below, is that every time she does something underhanded and immoral like this, in our opinion, she feeds IHRT enough material showing exactly what type of person SHE is!

Karen is trying to paint others in a bad light, and sell her ARD loot, but all she succeeds in accomplishing is to show what she is made of.

Smells like some "Something Evil" is blowing out of Wetherford, Texas, and it reeks of a       stinky Steward!! 

Pssssst, some Steward facts: Karen Stewards daughter made more then one trip to Doc. Kru as did many others, some as many as 6 trips, and yes, paying cash to Kru each time!
 Karen, if you think this is not a true statement, go read your book, as it says in there Melissa went to Kru more then once for surgery! Perhaps YOUR book is not truthfull????

(We will bring you more "Steward facts" in the future, so stop back if you want the truth!)

ENJOY the 2011 Rants of Karen Steward......

-----Original Message-----
From: abuse@hostway.com [mailto:abuse@hostway.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 12:43 PM
Subject: (HW#14378200) Defamation of Character Complaint: adhesionrelateddisorder.com

Dear Customer,

We have been made aware of a defamation of character complaint against your web site adhesionrelateddisorder.com. The content in question is hosted at the following location:

Please review the complaint provided below. We request that you voluntarily remove the content or contact the complainant directly to resolve the matter. If you have any questions regarding defamation complaints, please contact legal@hostway.com. Feel free to let us know if you require any further assistance.

Thank you,
Abuse Department
Hostway Corporation

From: karen steward [karensteward@mac.com]
Dear Sirs,

 The ip address above is the one found when I check this url:

The name of the person behind this website is Beverly Doucette of
Marinette , Wisconsin. This website is a front used solely for the
purpose of libeling numerous people across the world, myself
included. I, along with several other people, were successful in getting
this site taken down several years ago when Beverly was hosted through Bravenet.
Though the majority of the libel is written at http://www.ihrt.blogspot.com,
the url http://www.adhesionrelateddisorder.com is the
active springboard to the libelous blog.

I have contacted everyone from the FBI, to Beverly 's local police,
Wisconsin 's attorney general, etc. They all tell me to contact her
hosting, as she cannot achieve this evil without an available host.
I do have a case file with the FTC, as the purpose of adhesionrelateddisorder
is to monopolize a market of medicine, specifically, adhesions.

The man safely hidden behind Beverly 's skirt, is David Wiseman of
Dallas , Texas . In the link below, you will see that Beverly is tied to
David Wiseman and is the puppet in his diabolical crime of libeling
many innocent people across the globe.


The purpose of my email is to find out if you can help me in removing
this website from the internet since you are the host.
One man has committed suicide due to Beverly 's
libel against him and his wife. Beverly successfully destroyed his
online retirement internet business by her crude, libelous postings.
Their crime? His wife had gone to Germany for adhesions surgery and
innocently posted on the internet her joy at becoming well. The man,
nor his wife, knew David Wiseman of Beverly Doucette prior to the
attacks upon them. The same holds true for all of us who are
being libeled by these people.
Thanks for any help you can offer,
Karen Steward

Beverly Doucette's response to Hostway...
Subject: RE: (HW#14378200) Defamation of Character Complaint: adhesionrelateddisorder.com

There is no defamation, nor libel or slander in this web site. The entire contents is 100% validated and proven to be true as printed. http://www.adhesionrelateddisorder.com/

Material found in this web site absolutely exposes persons for criminal activity at national and International levels, however, all material within this web site is validated and true as stated. Some of the content is our opinion, and it is stated as just that, “Our opinion.” Mrs. Steward uses the word, “crime” three different times in her email to you, and accuses Beverly Doucette, AND Dr. David Wiseman of criminal acts, of defamation, which in my estimation tells me that she is angry with both of us, and though Dr. Wiseman has never once blogged or placed material in the web site which the complaint is being made against, she includes him in her accusations.

We could go tit for tat for years as to the reasons Mrs. Steward decided to send a complaint to your service, but I am far to busy for that, and not interested in all of this as for years, as she states, she had had a personal vendetta against Dr. Wiseman and myself thinking that she was left behind when we each choose this venue to educate and inform persons with ARD. She wrote a book about ARD, and she has stated before that it will not sell if web sites offer the same material in their web sites, though these web sites were up well before she came on the scene. ( Simple way to validate that is to look at the date of publication of her book and the dates our web sites first appeared in the Internet. She will continue to try to get ever ARD web site off the Internet if she could thus her book might sell. Simple fact.

Prior to placing material on this public web site we involved an attorney to proof material that is controversial, none was shown to be of a nature that would, nor could, prove to be considered libel, slanderous or defaming in nature.

The reason Mrs. Steward has been unsuccessful in having this web site removed after she had it investigated by all those she listed as contacting, is because there is nothing in it that constitutes breaking a law of any sort.

Though you state that you were "made aware of a defamation of character" located in this web site, you do not show where this defamation occurs within the site, nor do I know of any such defamation. If there is a specific portion within this web site that this woman deems is defaming, it would be more advantageous to direct your attention(and mine)to that particular material and location of it in the web site, which if proven to be of an illegal nature, will then be removed by me immediately. If you deem the web site to be improper, contact me with specific reasons for the action, and to give me the chance to rectify any errors. I will also seek legal advice prior to any changes I will allow to be made in the services I paid for. The email sent to you by Mrs. Steward does not contain anything that validates any action against the web site http://www.adhesionrelateddisorder.com by your team.

The material in this web site has at no time caused any person to "kill themselves," and though I am aware of this claim against the web site, upon investigating the person who supposedly killed himself due to my web site in fact had been dealing with depression and severe financial issues, and did not commit suicide, but rather appeared to have had a long term health/psychological issue. The most important thing here is that at no time did I ever mention this person, and had never heard his name prior to Mrs. Steward's accusation. Simply was not a true accusation, and there is nothing in this web site that even mentions this person. Note she does not offer up that name or dates for you to investigate prior to taking any action to remove this web site let alone accept her comments without validating them.

The web site link as seen here is located on many, many links within the Internet, http://www.adhesionrelateddisorder.com not just in this link.

http://www.ihrt.blogspot.com/. If there was any criminal material in the IHRT link, Google would remove the web site, however, none was ever found in the IHRT web site. Google did however remove a web site owned by Mrs. Steward. No matter what Mrs. Steward thinks of the IHRT blog, it has nothing to do with the allegations she is making against my web site and thus cannot be used as a reason to remove my web site..

Any associations I have with anyone does not a defamation make. Nor does having acquaintances' create libel, or slander, or anything else for that matter. It appears that Mrs. Steward doesn't care for my acquaintances, however her dislike of my associations have no bearing on her accusation as submitted to you. (Unless you can show me just cause that person's I associate with is validation of her accusations of defamation, even IF defamation is found to exist within this web site, my acquaintances would absolutely have no bearing on it. Mrs. Steward says” “In the link below, you will see that Beverly is tied to David Wiseman and is the puppet in his diabolical crime of libeling many innocent people across the globe.”

The date of this complaint must be taken into consideration as to why now is Mrs. Steward choosing to bring this to your attention when this web site has been up for a number of years without change. Another interesting caveat here is that Mrs. Steward seems to be confused as to whom she is accusing of the defamation complaint. Is it me, Bevery Doucette, or is it the “diabolical Dr. Wiseman” who she is accusing of the crime of libel? Isn’t Mrs. Steward committing defamation of Dr. Wiseman in her statement regarding him? (The answer is NO, though she is not stating it is her opinion, she is actually making the claim that “David Wiseman is diabolical and involved in the crime of libeling many innocent…etc,” however, unless comments made against another causes them to lose money and reputation in a court of law, there is no defamation. Also, once someone is deceased, they have no rights, thus anything said about them cannot be deemed anything! ( Though at no time has material in this web site defamed a person.) Mrs. Steward is again using the word crime when speaking of this person, "One man has committed suicide due to Beverly 's libel against him and his wife. “ Beverly successfully destroyed his online retirement internet business by her crude, libelous postings. Their crime?”

If there is anything even remotely of a defaming nature in this link, it shall be, or can be, removed, however, I see nothing of that nature in this link. I was at these congress’s not Mrs. Steward, and every word in this link is absolutely fact. As for the pictures, they speak for themselves! I too encourage you to visit the link as submitted by Mrs. Steward as it does validate the validity that the web site is geared to educate and inform persons with ARD how best to “Be Their Own Dr.”

Next “his accusation of “monopolizing a market of medicine, specifically, adhesions”
is very easy to rule out in the http://www.adhesionrelateddisorder.com/BJD-Picture-Trail-pg2.html by visiting Mrs. Stewards web site, which is also an education and information web site for those who are afflicted with ARD. In fact, the ONLY people making money on ARD with the
 "www.adhesion relateddisorder.com"  web site is Hostways being paid each year to host it!

There exists many, many web sites offering the same material that you will find in the ARD web site and Mrs. Stewards web site. http://www.karensteward.com/
Simply take a look at her web site if you want to see someone trying to corner the market on ARD! And for profit no less!

You will never fund that existing in any of the ARD web sites I am associated with! Absolutely not!

If the following charge were true in this statement by Mrs. Steward, I am certain one of the agencies she contacted would have contacted you with a legal notice to have this link removed from the Internet, and they would not have asked that of you, they would have directed you to do it based on law!

“The man, nor his wife, knew David Wiseman of Beverly Doucette prior to the attacks upon them. The same holds true for all of us who are being libeled by these people.” I am of the opinion that Mrs. Steward file a class action against me using her accusations as stated to you in her email. I am certain that if there is actual defamation in the web site, any literate Atty. Could locate it and manage a class action. I do know that she has made claims of doing this, but like the other contacts, she was informed that no criminal activity is taking place in my web site, and her opinion or the web site nor her dislike of me and others she is accusing, doesn’t make her accusations fact. She needs to prove her accusations, as does your team before taking any actions against it,and an investigation of your team would be of benefit to me as this lady will continue to seek ways to shut other “ARD” websites down , and her agenda is a personal as her book is not selling, from what I hear.

You will not find one single word of defamation, slander or libel in the following link, nor within the contents in any of it. http://www.adhesionrelateddisorder.com/BJD-Picture-Trail-pg2.html

I would expect a thorough investigation from your legal team to show just cause for any changes in your services of hosting the web site AdhesionRelaterDisorder. In the event you do not, or will not, put forth an effort to prove or disprove the allegations made against the web site, I would expect that you considered my explanations as presented here to be fact, thus closing the issue.

The fact of the matter is that I have not edited material to the web site and the web site manager relocated years ago thus rendering it in a state of inactivity and usable by me.

Please indicate to me as to any other action you wish from me regarding this communication in the event I misunderstood your directions.

Thank-you for informing me of this matter,
Beverly Doucette

"Okay then, THIS bombed! What do will Karen do next to corner the ARD market to sell her ARD loot?

We never could figure out the obsession, in our opinion, is  between Kru and Karen,              
and we still don't!
What could it be between these two after all these years???

Lets get to know Doc Kru a little better now that Karen brings this up again!

SLUMDOG "SUGAR DADDY" Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

The OSCAR goes to......


In the latest escapades out of Endogyn, IHRT cought SLUMDOG "SUGAR DADDY" Dr. Daniel Kruschinski slumming with his NEW and IMPROVED "DADDY'S GIRL" after meeting her through "XING.com!  Here you will see the NEW "Endogyn" infrastructure Con Kru has in India!

Complete with the "Abdolift" exclusive to his surgeries!

Only in IHRT will you find the facts as "Dr. Daniel Kruschinski – Endogyn, Germany" reveals his “perverted” side for all the world to see, and it appears to be without shame!



(IHRT cautions you that going into these web sites, your PC WILL get porno pop ups, curtsey of Kruchsinski! Even if you use a different email address, the PC going into these web sites WILL get tagged!)


*** FACES OF A PERVERT ***                      
DR. DANIEL MARIAN KRUSCHINSKI lives life on the shady side with his new "Daddy's Girl" as he slums with her all over Germany after meeting her in "XING.com"... (Ouch!)

Seems they now run a web site that assists "Young Girls" to meet "Old Men!" (Yuck!)
Looks like the "OLD USED UP" Mistress Micheala Katzer is OUT of a "Sugar Daddy" and the "YOUNG SEXY" Janine Gessner is IN with a new "Sugar Daddy!"


Meet the "NEW FACE" in Dr. Daniel Kruschinski's life......“Janine Gessner"


"Hi, DANNY BOY" .........

Janine seems to be saying to her new "Sugar Daddy..
(Wait until she finds out her DOCTOR is really nothing but a bankrupt, lying, washed up, smelly alcoholic, married OLD perverted fart..oh, IHRT forgot that Kruschinski is GAS-LESS, at least Janine has THAT going for her! (LOL! LOL!)


B.Z. stellt die speziellsten Flirtseiten im Internet vor Für reife Männer - Frauen, die graue Schläfen lieben, finden hier ihr Objekt der Begierde. Als eines von 2500 Mitgliedern muss man als Lady unter 30, als Mann über 40 Jahre alt sein:

Janina Gessner Premium-Mitglied
CRM work Firma:(sichtbar nur für registrierte Mitglieder)
10587 Berlin, Deutschland


Über michBerliner Zeitung

Dass ältere Herren oft ein Faible für wesentlich jüngere Damen haben, liegt in der Natur der Sache. Viele Promis über 40 "schmücken" sich mit Schönheit und Frische solcher Grazien. ... Auch für den Durchschnittsbürger gibt es Möglichkeiten, ohne Millioneneinkommen und Promibonus mit jüngeren Frauen anzubandeln. Vielen Frauen ist ein erfahrener Partner lieber, da er über eine gewisse Lebenserfahrung verfügt und Sicherheit sowie Geborgenheit symbolisiert. Spezielle Wünsche, besondere Börsen So verwundert es nicht, dass es sogar Kontaktbörsen für diese spezielle Beziehungskonstellation gibt... Eine dieser Börsen ist "Reif-trifft-Jung.de": Über 1000 Damen zwischen 18 und 30 sind hier bereits registriert und schauen sich nach einem erfahrenen Partner von 40 Jahren und älter um. Eine solche Kontaktbörse bietet für eben diese Partnerkonstellationen eine gute Möglichkeit zum Kennenlernen. Denn hier suchen und finden sich junge Frauen und ältere Männer... [Quelle: Hombrero.de v. 8.1.2008]


Babel Fish Translation….

Ripely young meets The fact that older gentlemen have often a Faible for substantially younger ladies lies in the nature of the thing. Many Promis over 40 " schmücken" itself with beauty and freshness of such Grazien. … Also for the average citizen there are possibilities, without million-incomes and Promibonus with younger Mrs. anzubandeln. Many women is rather an experienced partner, since it symbolizes security as well as security had a certain life experience and. Special desires, special stock exchanges Thus it does not surprise that there are even contact contacts for this special relations constellation… One of these stock exchanges is " Hoar frost meet Jung.de": Over 1000 ladies between 18 and 30 are registered here already and look themselves after an experienced partner of 40 years and older over. Such a contact stock exchange offers a good possibility for evenly these partner constellations to becoming acquainted with. Because and are young women and older men search here…[Quelle: Hombrero.de v. 8.1.2008]

ENDOGYN, abdolift, gasless, abdominal pain, debilitating, hidden disorder, enslaving, ARD awareness, hopelessness, Jill Ronsley

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