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Friday, December 23, 2011

3rd Annual Blossom Ball-Susan Sarandon - Video Gallery - Endometriosis Foundation of America

3rd Annual Blossom Ball-Susan Sarandon - Video Gallery - Endometriosis Foundation of America

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Anonymous said...

This sounds very promising for those of us who know or suspect we have adhesions as a big contributor to our pain and issues. I still think though that many doctors will still either insist that adhesions do not cause pain/problems or they will say that attempting to treat them is useless because they can come back. Just like with things such as SIBO and H. Pylori, the medical community at large is very slow and stubborn when it comes to changing their ways of thinking and approaches to patient care. When they should really be eager to try new things so they can help their patients if they really cared about helping them and not just earning a paycheck.

I have been told by physical therapists that I have a lot of abdominal and pelvic adhesions causing restrictions which could be causing my so-called IBS. The abdomen and sigmoid area are the worst. I was wondering just how broad an area this barium swallow would cover. Just the upper abdominal areas or would it help with sigmoid and pelvic adhesions as well since many women have adhesions down there?

Of course, it it were only good for above and adhesions were found, then you'd at least think they'd consider that you could have them elsewhere as well but that's probably wishful thinking. You'd think if they were amenable to treating the visualized ones that they would also check out the other areas while they were in there but who knows.

I'm going to a new gastro next motnh and will take this article with me but won't get my hopes up that he will give me this test but I definitely would like to start with it and also be checked for SIBO which abdominal adhesions can cause due to the interference with the cleansing waves that prevent it.