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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Recurrence of Endometriosis and hip pain

I knew it! I have been trying to tell docs of my hip pain for 30 years now and have been brushed off or stared at blankly...I just love a little validation! Recurrence of Endometriosis???  I d on't know...what I have had happen to me is they had never been able to fully excise my endo and from what I read I am not sure it can all be visualised during the time of surgery....Lurpon??? No thank you....never again. I am almost 1 inch shorter than I use to be and dx'ed with osteoporosis at age 40!

Endometriosis and hip pain
Recurrence of Endometriosis and hip pain

Dear Ask The Doctor: Can endometriosis come back after surgery and spread to the hips

Dear Deesha: Recurrence of endometriotic lesions is stimulated by estrogens, the female hormones produced by the ovaries. During the normal menstrual cycle, blood levels of estradiol (the main estrogen) fluctuate between 40 and 400 pg/mL. These levels are necessary to achieve pregnancy but they also contribute to the recurrence of endometriosis.

Recurrence rate for endometriosis has been estimated to be 10% per year. One study found it to recur in 40% of women within 5 years after conservative surgery. There is a 6 times higher risk of recurrence after hysterectomy if the ovaries are not removed. Even in women who have their ovaries removed, there is still a risk of further recurrence of Endometriosis.

On occasion endometrial adhesions can restrict the hip ligaments, causing pain and limping. Hip joint pain that worsens in a cyclical fashion in line with the menstrual cycle will usually be caused by endometriosis. Surgical treatment to remove endometrial implants is sometimes undertaken in the hope of relieving the hip joint pain associated with endometriosis.
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Marshal said...

Thanks for clearing things up!

Sullivan Blue said...

I just found this blog...I'm lucky enough to have a surgeon who believes me when I tell him about my pain but I'm bookmarking this for future.

It doesn't look like you're updating this blog anymore...please come back! Pleeeease! :)