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Saturday, March 15, 2014

How can diagnosis for endometriosis be improved?

Wednesday 12 March 2014 - 8am PST
"Let's start with the gynecologists," begins Linda Griffith.
"Many of them trained in a day when the classic endocrinology and gynecology textbooks described endometriosis as follows: 'The typical endometriosis patient is a nulliparous white woman in her 30s who is well-educated and tends to be highly anxious.' Yup, that is the profile of the patient with the persistence and resources to get diagnosed prior to the 1990s."
Medical News Today is speaking to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) biological engineer Linda Griffith on the eve of Endometriosis Awareness Day, which will be marked by a huge peaceful demonstration.
An international "Million Women March" will take place on Thursday, March 13th. It begins in Washington, DC, but involves participants in 53 countries across the world."

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