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Friday, April 14, 2006

Characteristic images of deeply infiltrating rectosigmoid endometriosis on transvaginal and transrectal ultrasonography

Kaori Koga1, Yutaka Osuga1,3, Tetsu Yano1, Mikio Momoeda1, Osamu Yoshino1, Yasushi Hirota1, Koji Kugu1, Osamu Nishii1, Osamu Tsutsumi1,2 and Yuji Taketani1

1 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Tokyo, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8655 and 2 CREST Japan Science and Technology, 4-1-8 Honmachi, Kawaguchi 332-0012, Japan

BACKGROUND: To evaluate the usefulness of transvaginal and transrectal ultrasonography for diagnosis and management of deeply infiltrating rectosigmoid endometriosis.
METHODS: A series of six patients (aged 32–39 years) with rectosigmoid endometriosis underwent transvaginal and transrectal ultrasonography. In three patients undergoing surgical resection of the intestine, the ultrasonographic findings were compared with macroscopic and microscopic findings. In one patient, sequential observations of the lesion using ultrasonography were conducted before and after medical treatment and following childbirth.
RESULTS: In all cases, the lesion was detected as a hypoechoic irregular-shaped area surrounded by a hyperechoic rim located posterior to the uterus, with size ranging from 18 x 17 to 29 x 28 mm in diameter. The comparison of the ultrasonographical findings with histology revealed that the hypoechoic irregular-shaped area corresponded to a layer of hypertrophic muscularis propria of the lesion, while the hyperechoic rim represented the layer including the mucosa, submucosa and serosa. In one patient, the lesion decreased in size and lost its central hypoechoic area after childbirth in association with pain relief.
CONCLUSIONS: Transvaginal and transrectal ultrasonography provides characteristic appearances for rectosigmoid endometriosis that correlate well with its histological findings.
The procedures would be useful in the management of rectosigmoid endometriosis.
Key words: endometriosis/rectum/ultrasound
V. Anaf, I. El Nakadi, Ph. Simon, J. Van de Stadt, I. Fayt, Th. Simonart, and J.-C. NoelPreferential infiltration of large bowel endometriosis along the nerves of the colonHum. Reprod., April 1, 2004; 19(4): 996 - 1002.
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