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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blog Debuts for Valentine’s Day with ‘Can Endometriosis Travel to the Heart?’ — Yes, Says Dr. Wallace, Author, ‘Living With Lung and Colon Endometrios

Question Posed on Yahoo! Answers Social Networking Site Receives Global Interest; Spurs More ‘Endometriosis Migration’ Concerns
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Just in time for Valentine’s Day, when everyone’s focus is on the “heart,” the news of the day is that “Endometriosis can travel and attach to the heart,” says Glynis Wallace, DMD, on her new blog launched today. Dr. Wallace, a former USAF Major and a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, is the author of “Living With Lung and Colon Endometriosis: Catamenial Pneumothorax.” The internationally acclaimed book provides hope and inspiration, based on her personal experience with endometriosis, to the countless women around the world who suffer from this often debilitating under-diagnosed and misunderstood disease.
The question posed on “Yahoo! Answers” today ignited an impassioned string of responses from women who were previously unaware of endometriosis migration. View blog at http://blog.catamenialpneumothorax.org. Dr. Wallace last month launched the website www.catamenialpneumothorax.org to spearhead quicker, easier, and more widespread global diagnosis and subsequent treatment regimes.
Says Dr. Wallace, “It is shocking that women know so very little about endometriosis and those you ask about the disease believe that endometriosis is limited to the pelvic area. The truth is that endometriosis can travel throughout your body attaching to most organs in its path – a little known fact that I am hopeful my new blog will help rectify.”
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