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Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Endometriosis Website Adds 'Lung Endometriosis in Girls' Section by Globally Acclaimed Author Dr. Glynis Wallace:

Los Angeles, CA (PRWeb) March 8, 2007 -- Girls suffering with severe menstrual cramps, chest pain, and shortness of breath may be experiencing the early signs of endometriosis, yet go undiagnosed, alerts Glynis D. Wallace, DMD, author of the globally acclaimed book "Living with Lung and Colon Endometriosis: Catamenial Pneumothorax," and the founder of the new website www.catamenialphenomothorax.org. The common test found to be abnormal in girls diagnosed with lung endometriosis is described at http://catamenialpneumothorax.org/Lung_Endometriosis_in_Girls.html.In honor of National Endometriosis Month, Dr. Wallace invites visitors to "Lets Talk about Endometriosis" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9pOi2I-9rM. Dr. Wallace, a former USAF Major and a graduate of Tuffs University School of Dental Medicine, says, "The early signs of endometriosis can be traced to the teenage years in at least two-thirds of the five million US women suffering from this disease, and their symptoms grow progressively worse with time. Unfortunately, many of these young girls go undiagnosed or under diagnosed because it can be a tough disease to understand." She adds, "What worries me the most is that young women's painful cramps are sometimes dismissed by well meaning parents and physicians as something that 'she'll just have to live with, get used to, and deal with.' Instead, this might be an early warning sign of a disease that will not simply go away with time, a heating pad, or over the counter pain medicines." Dr. Wallace urges parents of girls experiencing consistent severe cramps, and other symptoms monthly to take their daughters' for a physician consult. Diagnosing endometriosis early is an important first step in helping "prevent" endometriosis sufferers from experiencing a life of monthly pain, discomfort and even some life threatening symptoms. "Living With Lung and Colon Endometriosis: Catamenial Pneumothorax," outlines Dr. Wallace's 13-year experience with pulmonary endometriosis through narrative summaries from the physicians who attempted to control this disease. As an active duty military officer, she underwent extensive and extremely thorough diagnostic tests to determine fitness for duty. This led to excellent medical treatment, which allowed her to continue serving on active duty. Endometriosis is an abnormal growth of tissue in the pelvic area and can travel through the body attaching to organs in its path. It has many undefined symptomatic presentations. The symptoms may include back pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, pressure, bloating, constipation, seizures, fatigue, and consistently painful menstrual cramps. While the mean age at diagnosis is around 25-30 years, endometriosis has been reported in girls as young as 11 years of age.View blog at http://blog.catamenialpneumothorax.org. Dr. Wallace last month launched the website www.catamenialpneumothorax.org to spearhead quicker, easier, and more widespread global diagnosis, and subsequent treatment regimes. For media inquiries, please contact Peggy C. Frank, MBA, Frank Public Relations Worldwide, 818-735-3591, www.frankpr.com.About CatamenialPneumothorax.orgThe tremendous worldwide interest in Dr. Wallace's book "Living With Lung and Colon Endometriosis: Catamenial Pneumothorax," demonstrated the need for a call to action. Catamenial Pneumothorax.org serves to alert the global health care community to the prevalence, hardship, and treatment options that can make Catamenial Pneumothorax/Lung and Colon Endometriosis, well known and understood among a cross section of medical specialties. The goal of the website and Dr. Wallace's efforts is to spearhead quicker, easier, and more widespread global diagnosis, and subsequent treatment regimes. http://catamenialpneumothorax.org.# # #

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