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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Doctor's advice

Q Good day. My girlfriend has been having real bad period pain for the last 12 years.
During these attacks of pain, she is quite ill, has loose bowels, and also vomits a lot.
She has been to several doctors, but what they have recommended does not work very well. Also, she has taken all the painkillers you can think of, but they only help for a short while, and then the pain comes back.
This is a serious concern that requires your immediate attention.
A I am sorry to hear that she has had so much pain. As it has been going on for around 12 years, I am guessing that by now she must be at least 25 or 30.
What occurs to me is that in this age group, it is common for women to be badly afflicted with a disease called 'endometriosis.'
This is a disorder in which little pieces of womb tissue turn up in the wrong places. Each month, these pieces try and bleed - but they cannot, because there is no room for them to do so. Result: terrible pain.
It may well be that your lady friend has endometriosis. But even if she hasn't, there is clearly some BIG problem in the region of her ovaries and tubes.
My conclusion is that she must now go to a good gynaecologist, and ask him if he will look inside her belly with a surgical telescope. This procedure is called 'laparoscopy.'
Depending on what he sees, there is an excellent chance that he will be able to use cutting techniques or lasers to make her a lot better. My thoughts are with her.


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