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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Edith I. Rodriguez's Family to Sue...BRAVO!!!!

Family to Sue Hospital in Woman's DeathVictim Died on Floor of Emergency Room Lobby
Posted: 2007-06-21 00:15:15
LOS ANGELES (June 21) -- The family of a woman who died last month on the floor of an emergency room lobby is planning to take legal action against Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital and Los Angeles county.A letter of intent warning of a wrongful death and medical malpractice lawsuit was sent Wednesday to the county-run hospital and a registered nurse on behalf of the children of Edith Isabel Rodriguez. Another letter was sent to the county warning- more.......http://news.aol.com/topnews/articles/_a/family-to-sue-hospital-in-womans-death/20070613143509990001?ncid=NWS00010000000001

Endotimes could not agree more with this action and we hope that this family will be able to build a memorial for their beloved mother, Edith that tells the whole story behind her death!
Let this tragedy be know forever and ingrained in granite!
Endotimes interest here is that most, if not all persons afflicted with ARD have been treated in a similar manner when presenting to emergency rooms all over this country!
We present with severe abdominal/pelvic pain, severely constipated due to pain medications, and in desperate need of quality medical intervention...the #1 complication of intestinal adhesions is
Can a bowel obstruction kill??? Well, it appears as though THAT question has been answered in the case of Edith I. Rodriguez!

For anyone who present to an ER with abdominal pain, and has a history of inter-peritoneal adhesions, or has had a prior abdominal/pelvic surgery, or trauma to the abdomen..DEMAND a simple lower GI , bowel, X-ray to rule out an obstruction! Recite the case of Edith Rodriguez if need be...even if your set upon by aggressive, obnoxious, lazy, overworked Dr's. or nurse's who bully you to go home, stand your ground!

Think about Edith and her family... as when your family is preparing your funeral, this ER staff will still be laughing about how they treated another, " frequent flyer" as they mow down pizza waiting for another "FF" to arrive in the ER!
Edith did not deserve this, all she was looking for was medical intervention, compassion and guidance from those who we are "brainwashed" to turn to when our very lives are in crisis!
Today, one cannot "pass gas" without being bombarded with TV ads, disclaimers, medication directions, and at every turn, to CONTACT YOUR PHYSICIAN before you "do this or that," or "take this or that!" For what!!???

Most medical persons have no clue about ARD, or that it has been recognized by the NIH as a real disorder..not a "syndrome" folks, but a medical condition with an end means, an etiology...REAL symptoms, yet today, it remains a "secret" and the word "adhesions" will not pass the lips of most within the medical arena for fear they will have to know something about it..which they don't!

Endotimes will never forget Edith I. Rodriguez, as she is one of us no matter what an autopsy shows...her death at the hands of medical care providers must be held as a beacon for all who suffer chronic pain and all the indignities that go with that...we cannot let her death be in vain!

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