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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Edith Rodriguez = Medical Students Forum a disaster!

Hello all,

I have made contact with the family of Edith I. Rodriguez and they have agreed to assist me in securing the information from her autopsy report that would validate whether she was afflicted with ARD or not.
It is still my intention to speak to the physician who performed Edith's autopsy, if for no other reason, then to be able to ask him my questions.
The LA Corners office wants $83.00 for this report, when all I need to know at this time is if the words, “adhesions” or “scar tissue” was mentioned in it. I did leave TWO messages for the Dr. who performed Edith’s autopsy, a Dr. Pena, but no call back from him as of yet. We shall see.....

Edith’s family is hoping that her death will not be in vain and if they knew others would be helped by her most terrible demise, at the hands of those we are taught to trust our lives with, they might reap some benefit from the death.

The circumstances of Edith Rodriguez’s death will never ever be able to be erased from her families’ hearts and minds, nor from millions who have heard of her death on the floor of an ER, as it should be, but I want you to know that there are “thousands +” patients who present to ER’s all around the globe who are treated just like Edith was treated when she arrived in the ER! It IS a difficult disease to diagnose being that there is NO diagnostic test that can see adhesions! No CT Scan, no MRI, no Ultra-sound and no Contrast Barium Lower GI X-ray can diagnose adhesions! The sad thing is that the same “treatment” used for adhesions causes them, only a surgery can detect adhesions, or an autopsy! However, a simple, non invasive “lower bowel X-ray” WILL detect a bowel obstruction 100%!

Recently I came upon a forum belonging to “medical students” and was appalled at what I was reading from them regarding the case of Edith! I posted about the possibility of Edith’s symptoms paralleling those of persons afflicted with peritoneal adhesions, and the fact that ALL analgesics
(pain meds) have the side affect of constipation…and guess what…they removed my posts and kicked me off for good! No mentioning adhesions on any forum where Dr.’s might have to see that word! Take a look at how many of these students seemed to have no clue as to what could have triggered her obstruction, but even worse, they seemed to have no clue as to what diagnostics to use had they been in that ER!
Here is the link, Student Doctor Network Forums

The more information that can be shared about the existence of “Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD) and “Bowel Obstructions” the better informed the patient can be and in that they have better control of their medical intervention!

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